Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arriving in Paradise and Rushing to Find Tuna

As we were approaching for landing, I could already feel the excitement of being on vacation. Seeing the deep blue sky and the sparkling clean water helped quite a bit also.

This is a shot of Diamond Head Crater. The peak on the right side can be seen predominately from Waikiki.
More about Diamond Head on Tuesday's post when I plan on hiking to the peak.

After quickly getting our bags and jumping into our rental car (we got upgraded to a larger car, YES!!!. Upgrade #1, this vacation is off to great start.), we are headed to our favorite sushi place in Oahu, Genki Sushi in Ala Moana Center just outside of Waikiki. Ala Moana is a huge shopping center where you spend days just trying to find your car in the parking structures after a long day of shopping. :D

Genki is known for its spicy tuna. Their spicy tuna is different from most spicy tuna in that it is not mashed and not just bits of trimmed tuna parts. There are actual cubes of ahi tuna mixed in a spicy Japanese mayonnaise instead of a spice red chili paste. The fish was exquisitely fresh and just melted in your mouth. The spicy mayo added that just right amount of kick to compliment the fresh fish. We mush have cleared a half dozen dishes each of just the spicy tuna.

The selection of sushi is rather extensive in this sushi bar, but we really just concentrated on the spicy tuna, and at just $2.20 per order we could enjoy to our hearts delight. After a leisurely lunch at Genki we had satisfied our craving for spicy tuna which had been building since our last visit to Oahu in May of 2007.

Some of the other notable contraptions I say at Genki is that they have an automated nigiri sushi maker. All they do is put the rice into this machine, and it packs perfect logs of rice to which the sushi assembly will top with varying delicious morsals of seafood.

Genki is getting quite popular because in addition to the Ala Moana location, there is also a location near the zoo in Waikiki and at the outlet malls in Wakalele.

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